Sales for Optimized

A wide range of activiries that achieve optimized solutions

At Satoh Industries,
all sales activities are conducted based on the aim
of more quickly and more accurately understanding customer needs.
Applying the advantages found in the wide range of
products we carry enables us to develop optimized solutions, namely, solutions for problems that
customers themselves do not yet fully recognize or understand.

  The manufacturers of the products we carry develop technologies that meet needs arising
amid social trends. By obtaining information on these needs early on and drafting proposals
tailored to the circumstances of individual customers, we can help resolve issues before they
are in problems.

  Because innovative new equipment and technologies can be difficult to imagine from
words alone,Satoh established the Techno Messe exhibition hall as a place where customers can
test equipment and see technologies at work for themselves. In this way provide manufacturers with
an exhibition center that disseminates new information and ideas to customers.

Technology Solution

Sharing knowledge througe technical semninas

Satoh’s Techno Messe hall is not just an exhibition center for manufacturers’
equipment and technologies. The hall also serves to enhance mutual learning about
the information gathered and technologies developed by there manufacturers.

Satoh sponsors technical seminars that serve as valuable opportunities for it’s
manufacturers to share there knowledge with the company and it’s customers.

After-Sales Service

Servise that continues after the sale

It’s well known that Satoh delivers high-quality equipment and
technology to customers, but the company also provides ongoing
after-sales service and maintenance for the equipment it delivers.
The engineering specialists at Satoh Engineering Co., Ltd., a Satoh
affiliate, are available to ensure complete customer satisfaction at
all times.


We deliver in three routes as follows

truck No.Delivery routeDelivery time
No.1Mishima Eastern ~ Kawanoe1. 10:00~12:00
2. 15:00~17:00
No.2Misima ~ Doi 1. 10:00~12:00
2. 15:00~17:00
No.3Daio Paper Corporation premisesIndefinite time (shipping twice a day)