Company Profile


In the forty years since the founding of Satoh Industries Co., Ltd.
the world has changed in ways that could never have been imagined.
As a participant in this fast-moving business environment, we have
adopted a global viewpoint and made it our priority to quickly provide
customers with the latest in new products and technologies.

  Using the new Techno Messe exhibition hall, recently completed for the
dissemination of information, We will strive to fulfill our mission as a trading
company with a reach far beyond that of any single manufacturer. And with an
eye to the change taking plase in the trading industry, we aim to make rapid
progress in pioneering the future of this industry.

Shinsuke Sato


Company nameSatoh Industries Co., Ltd.
Address1-10-19 Mishima-Miyagawa,shikokuchuo,
Ehime Prefecture
EstablishedApril 1 1971
(year ended March 31,2005)
BankIyo Bank Kawanoe Branch
Chugoku Bank Kawanoe Branch
Hirosima Bank Mishima Branch
Small Business Finance Corporation
Matuyama Branch
Product Lines・Plant equipment and piping machine parts
・Transmission equipment and bearing-related products
・Hydraulic/pneumatic equipment,
materials handling and labor-saving equipment
・Machine tools and mechanical tools
・Residential facilities and equipment, environmental equipment
・Steel materials and construction materials
Affiliatessatoh Engineering Co., Ltd.
Major Partner
Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
NKK Trading Inc.
Ebara Corporation
Tsurumi Mfg.Co., Ltd.
Kitz Corporation
TLV Co., Ltd.
INAX Corporation
Daikin Industries,Inc.
Hitachi Ltd.
Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.
Nidec-Shimpo Corporation
SMC Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsui Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Bando Chemical Industries
Nitta Corporation
NSK Ltd.
THK Co., Ltd.
Daifuku Co., Ltd.
Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd.
Okuma Corporation
Moriseki Co., Ltd.
Shin-Daiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Miura Co., Ltd.

Company History

1971.4Company founded at 2-1-26 Miyagawa,
Iyo-mishima, Ehime Prefecture.
1973.10Capital increased to ¥5 million.
1974.10New building constructed at current
location to expand operations. capital
increased to ¥10 million.
1980.3700 sq, m pipe warehouse built on
land adjoining the Head Office.
1980.10Satoh Engineering Co., Ltd. established
to take over the company's maintenance
1985.10Ehime Prefectural Governor's Permit
(1985-#9623) for construction (piping) obtained.
1989.8To expand product inventory, a 700 sq
m,3-story(aboveground)warehouse is
constructed on land adjoining the
company's pipe warehouse.
1994.7To rationalize materials handling. a 400
sq, m long pipe storage warehouse (1st floor
reinforced concrete, 2nd floor heavy steel
frame construction) is constructed at Okura,
Sangawa-cho, Iyo-mishima
1998.3Techno Messe, the company's exhibition hall
(985 sq. m, single-story steal frame construction)
is constructed on 1,700 sq. m, of reclaimed land at
Nakanosho, Iyo-Misima.
2004.10Ehime prefectural Governor's Permit (2004-#9623)
for construction (setting machinery and equipment)
2009.4Shinsuke Sato appointed president
2010.10Through Osaka small and medium business investment & consultation corporation third-part share issuance, The capital increased to 25 million yen
2011.1overseas Department established at head office
2020.8.6The head office was certified for Special construction license (2020-#9623). licensed fields of construction work.(machine and equipment installation)

Mnagement Principles

The sprit of the establishment of Satoh Indusuties
For developing paper manufacturers, paper production makers, machine makers
There was no place to purchase surely mechanical parts, plumping parts and
sanitary arrangements.
For a buyer, it is not satisfying to purchase.
We established the company to help these people as much as possible

Management principle
Work for the customers, for us, for the company

You are not only a customer. As long as we here deal, we expect each other.
Let’s work in order to let special ability work to get.
Practically and emotionally happy with the supplier and customers.
The company is a public institution. Let’s make reasonable profits
to continue to offer good commodities, skills, services

Mission statement
Sincerity ~true mind

Motto of yhe company

To search for happiness materially and mentally,
and contribute to social development


The company where everybody can work with a smile,
and which is relied on by the society

Group Activity


Matsuyama Highway “Kawanoe Mishima” IC or Yosansen “Iyo Mishima”. Please come towards the Old Port Kawanoe Mishima Station No. 11.

Ehime Prefecture,799-0404 Japan
Tel: +81-896-23-2031 / Fax: +81-896-24-1065